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David Vito Gregoli - " Primordial Sonics"

"music that is very different and an artist who is a true original" -


Primordial Sonics - David Vito Gregoli
" an album with Western flair and world beat that kicks it up with texture and elegance. I highly recommend it." -



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David Vito Gregoli: Primordial Sonics

About the artist:

Lose yourself in the chill grooves of eclectic instrumentation designed to carry you back to humanity's primal roots.

Innovative and surprisingly infectious, Primordial Sonics is Ambient Aboriginal Groove Fusion — Indian, Australian and Middle Eastern sounds infused with modern rhythms. In this tour de force of global and stylistic diversity, multi-instrumentalist/composer David Vito Gregoli cleverly layers Western beats over ethnic instruments like didjeridu, sitar, tabla and Persian santoor in tracks that both soothe and move.
With expertise spanning many years and genres from rock to classical, “Vito” is known for expressing the fine nuances of musicality. His hallmark is imbuing each of his compositions with textural surprises, a technique on full display in Primordial Sonics.
One example is "Rag Klem," a riff on the American folk classic "My Darling Clementine." Originally composed for an Odyssey Theatre production in L.A., Vito added a hip-hop drum loop and bass track, and then blended in an Indian tambora with Australian Aborignal didjeridu.
Vito is clearly obsessed with musical experimentation. An early soundscape version of "Ravi Rangoon" came from a documentary about Burma. "For this CD, I changed it up by adding a cool drum/bass groove, with sitar as the lead," relates Vito. "For contrast, I sampled in a haunting Indian bansuri flute, topped off with an Egyptian Ney flute for a husky, trance-like signature." And, of course – some didjeridu!
If there's one constant in Primordial Sonics, it is the didjeridu which weaves a unifying, dreamtime motif throughout the project. "I was inspired by the instrument's 'primordial energy'," recalls Vito. "For Primordial Sonics, I compiled various scoring pieces I'd done for theater, TV and film that share a musical mood: ambient global that is upbeat yet calming. That's the foundation. Next I turned to didjeridu virtuoso Stephen Kent (Steve Roach), a frequent collaborator and good friend, and the fun began!"
Also contributing their special talents are Yoga chanteuse Donna De Lory (Madonna); flautists Suzanne Teng (Babatundi Olatunji , Mystic Journey) and Manose (Deva Premal); and posthumously, percussionist Geoffrey Gordon (Robbie Robertson, Jai Uttal) and bassist Bob Birch (Elton John) – to whom this CD is dedicated.

Produced by David Vito Gregoli

Hypnotic and yet profoundly energizing, Primordial Sonics taps into the listener's imagination with joyful, free-spirited fluidity.


vito sitar
vito esraj

A Work of Art -

"I have to admit this is quite an incredible record. I absolutely love Vito's infectious bass and drum grooves on the record which gets very trippy and keeps you hooked. And his deep understand of traditional Indian Music is evident in the usage of beautifully recorded sounds from the rich lexicon of string instruments such as the tanpura, santoor, sitar, esraj ; and others such as flutes, tablas etc. Highly recommend this album for anyone looking for an Indian Styled World Music/ New Age Record with crossover influences from traditional popular music."

Rare and Beautiful -

"Rarely does an artist’s synchronization dance so intimately with those tranquil places guarded so deeply by one’s heart, and empower such imprints as Vito’s ‘Primordial Sonics’. He is truly an artist whose vibration enhances one’s ability to lose themselves and birth an awakening transpired by a single melody of sight, sound, and imagination simply … knowing. ‘Primordial Sonics’ stretches consciousness from one musical fragment to the next with the deepening peacefulness of thought losing presence and finding its strengths."

"Primordial Sonics is fresh, invigorating, and a helluva lot of fun, as well as displaying his deep and broad musical talents. The guy knows his way around the studio too, as his use of samples, loops, and modern electronics makes abundantly clear. Serve me up some more of this musical primordial soup, if you would be so kind, dear sir!"

- Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

"Primordial Sonics is a multi-cultural mélange full of rhythm and textural surprises. A taste of this heady brew can be sampled both on the Dharmapala Records website and YouTube channel, which also contains a large selection of videos on their other artists and projects. Innovation and imagination mark the global fusion recordings of David Vito Gregoli and his Dharmapala Records label."

- Michael Diamond, Awareness Magazine